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What does a Windstorm Certificate Cost in Texas?

Getting a Windstorm Certificate is relatively inexpensive if you choose the right roofing company. Guardian Roofing Systems builds roofs that meet the specifications adopted by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Roofs that are Texas Windstorm certified have to be inspected or approved by the TDI according to House Bill 2012 passed by the 70th Texas Legislature. This implements certain requirements for structures along the Texas Gulf Coast to receive insurance for windstorm and hail through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). The law applies to all new structures, additions or repairs that commenced on or after Jan. 1, 1988. If a roof or structure is not up to standard, then the TWIA will not provide insurance for it. This insurance is for structures within designated catastrophe areas including parts of Harris County. You can read more about it here –

Guardian Roofing Systems can inspect and construct roofs that are made to the TWIA plan of operation specifications. Our experienced crew understands what is needed to construct a roof that can handle the winds and rain from the hurricanes that frequent the area every year. We also assist our customers with the insurance process. We practically take care of everything. You can rest your mind knowing that we will handle the claims process, insurance adjusters and the whole procedure.

How do I get a Windstorm Certificate in Texas?

To get a Windstorm certificate, you need to have a qualified inspector and roof constructer build you a roof that meets TWAI specifications. Guardian Roofing Systems is qualified and has knowledge about how to build and inspect roofs that meet these standards. We have employees that have been working in the Texas Gulf Coast area for decades, so they know what you will need in order to become Windstorm certified. In addition, all of our employees are CertainTeed certified, which means we have the prestigious Select Shingle Master accreditation. Only 5 percent of roofing companies have this honor and Guardian Roofing Systems is one of them!

We will make certain that your roof is certified. Not having windstorm and hail insurance in Texas is simply asking for trouble. Storms, hurricanes, hailstorms and other weather-related mishaps occur too often in this are for this to be ignored. Let our experienced crew handle the job and take care of all of your roofing needs!

What is a TDI Windstorm Certificate?

The Windstorm Certificate ensures that you will become eligible for windstorm and hail insurance through the TWIA. This is necessary for roofs and structures built within designated catastrophe areas such as Harris County.

Guardian Roofing Systems provides roofing in New Orleans, Houston and Oklahoma. All of these areas have weather conditions that bring heavy winds, rain, and hail. You can read what the weather did to the Texas Gulf Coast area here – Our employees have repaired, re-roofed and provided new roofs for many people that live within these areas. We can build and inspect a roof that meets the criteria for TWIA windstorm and hail insurance. If you ever experience damage to your roof due to a storm, you will be glad you have this insurance. Contact Guardian Roofing Systems today and let us help you get the roof you need. We offer low prices as well including on our metal roofing prices. Do not hesitate – call today!


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